Hi there!!

You might already know that this week I'm taking over Get Messy Instagram acount. I have been creating a few "art journal with me" sessions on Insta stories, and you guys seem to really enjoy them! I have received a few requests to publish the process photos and videos elsewhere, so you can follow them even after the Insta stories dissapear after 24 hours.


So, here you go! This is the first spread creation process I've shared. Please, forgive the quality and size of these pictures, since they were originally shot with Insta stories camera. Enjoy, and make sure to tag me on Instagram pictures with your creations!

I started off with my A4 journal double spread and 2 colors: yellow and brown. I almost never use these colors, so it was a challenge for me to make it work. I used music as my inspiration for creating this page. I wasn't part of Get Messy when they were doing #seasonofmusic and I've always wanted to try painting what I hear. The song for this page was Keyshia Cole - Love (Mayor Flip).

I added some pops of blue to the pages. I decided to use a great tip I've received on Get Messy Instagram thread about unconventional tools. One of the lovely artists advised using toilet paper rolls as circle stamps. I used my daily art journal as my mixing pallete for the paint.

When I am in doubt of where I want to go with a certian page, I always go for a magazine image cut out. Portraits from fashion magazines are my favorites! Also, a good quote always makes a page look complete and gives it additional meaning. I only had one word in my mind - "be". So I went with it.

Pretty easy, huh? If you join me in creating, please, tag me on Instagram @sasha_zeen, so I can see your beautiful page!


Big hug,




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