Here's another collab I did with Lucia. I chose the theme and it was Black and White. It can be quite restrictive, but that what makes it so exciting!

I made the cover by using black paper and gluing down a black and white flower down. I finished off with some white line work. Lucia added a magazine cut out, some words and a gem in the middle of the flower.

I created the right part of the spread here. I love how Lucia's page on the left has red pops of color. It adds life to the monochrome journal.

I glued down this magazine cut out before sending the journal to Lucia. She added some neon yellow and I love how vibrant it looks against the black.

I created a silhouette of a child on an old book page here. The rest is Lucia's interpretation. I love that hear collage!

My double black and white spread of the moons.

Another of my double spreads, where Lucia chose not to add anything to it.

Lucia's dynamic double spread. Love the pink and black splashes!

I created a line drawing on the right, and Lucia added to it with a black and white collage on the left page.

My favorite page of this collab - Lucia's drawing of a rose. 


I do believe that by collaborating with other artists, we learn more about ourselves and our own style. I think, these two collabs with Lucia came out pretty darn good. Especially, considering, it was my first time ever working with someone else on a journal.