Hey, guys!

I am so excited to be writing this first ever post in my new blog! *happydance* If you don't know me - I am Aleksandra (friends call me Sasha. Some of you may know me from my Instagram account @sasha_zeen). I am a freelance photographer and teacher. I decided to start this blog to be able to share all things I love: lifestyle, photography, planners, journaling, art journaling, personal style, cooking etc. So, I consider this place my personal creative outlet where I don't need to conform and can have all the freedom I want. Welcome! I hope you enjoy. ;)

Right. Back to the first blog post. Since I discovered GetMessy community about 2-ish months ago (I am not subscribed, btw. Just get inspiration from all the creatives who submit their work), I have been regularly working on my art journaling. It is not something I have ever tried before, although I always loved doodling, being artsy, and creating things. But for about 2 months now my creativity has been on fire, and I couldn't be happier! 



Of course, some days are less productive than others. Some days I don't even open my art journal. I am struggling with calling myself an "artist", because in my eyes it is such a big word you need to "deserve" being called. I don't know much about or own many art supplies. I don't have a good quality journal, so my art journaling happens in a regular composition notebook with blank pages. But you know what? It brings me joy. And Marie Kondo says if it sparks joy, you keep it! ;)


So, on my productive days I have been experimenting. My favorite supplies right now are Gesso, painter's knife, and Soft Pastel chalks. You'll never guess the story behind those chalks.. (hint-hint! Remember the crazy popular hair chalking trend? Yeah...) 

On this particular page in my art journal I used these 3 supplies to create this pretty pastel bubble gum effect. What you do first is freestyle doodle on your page with some chalks of a preferred color. I've been loving combining hot pink and purple, they give a beautiful lilac shade at the end.

After that you apply thick layer of Gesso on top and swirl it around the page with your painter's knife. Gesso soaks up the chalk pigment and you end up with nice thick pastel colored paste on your page. Move it around until you are happy with the texture, and voila! Your page looks like a bubble gum unicorn. So pastely and pretty! Finish up with some doodles, drawings, or mixed media collage, and your page is done. Or leave it like that and enjoy the happy colors. I've done that too! ;)

Thanks for stopping by!