This is my first ever daily art journal - the common name for such project is #dailymoleskine (which mine isn't a Moleskine at all, but it's not the point). At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to commit to such a long project. But Jules, Vanessa and other creative girls showed their first pages and I couldn't resist joining.


If you are interested to follow everyone's daily creative journeys, make sure to check these hashtags on Instagram: #dailymoleskine , #mydayarted and my personal one #sashacreatesdaily


So, since this is my first project like this, I wasn't sure what to expect from it. Of course, I had plans. I was thinking it would be my awesome artsy notebook, where I'd play with color, texture, and mixing paints. Instead, it ended up as a"use it up" journal, a practise journal, and even a paint mixing palette. I find myself reaching towards it when I have a new idea in mind and I want to test it on paper. If it doesn't work.. oh well, it becomes another abstract piece in my daily journal! ;) I tell myself that I still have 11 months to make it a journal I initially wanted it to be... Or just keep it as is and enjoy the process. We'll see what happens next month!

Are you participating in any daily/weekly/monthly projects this year? How is it going?

Thanks for stopping by! Bug hugs,