Fall Tag


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Now, that is has finally cooled off, I feel like it's the perfect time for some autumn talk. Autumn (or fall, however you want to call it) is a very controversioal season, I feel like. People hate it and people love it. I get both sides. But I definitely can find more reasons to love it, so this is what we are going to talk about today. I would be happy of you shared your answers to the Fall Tag questions in the comments below. Or feel free to tag me on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/sasha_zeen) if you choose to share the tag there. Let's roll!

1. Favorite autumn month

It's a tough choice between September and October. I love the mild climate of September and it's cute attempts to look like real fall. But October is when all the fall magic happens (aka colorful leaves, pumpkins, chunky knits, blanket scarves, chilly walks in the park, romantic nostalgia etc.). Also, it's my birthday month (team Libra), so I just have to choose it!

2. Favorite leaf

Maple leaf! I still remember being a child and collecting entire bouquets of those to gift to my mom. They look pretty and make perfect room decor pieces for fall!

3. Smell of hot chocolate or autumn leaves?

This one is easy. I don't like hot chocolate (yeah, I'm wierd like that), so I'd choose the smell of dry autumn leaves. And the sound! You know, that soft crinkling sound you hear when you step on the colorful autumn carpet of all shades of red, yellow, and brown.

4. Run from the rain or enjoy the walk under the rain?

Walk. And then, when it gets too cold run home to steep some tea and enjoy warm hugs, silly movies, and the sound of rain against the window.

5. Favorite fall movie

That would have to be something romantic, like Pride and Prejudice. This movie makes for a perfect watch in this season of melancholy and romantic nostalgia. that scene under the rain, huh? And it's perfect to watch while cozying up on a sofa wearing a chunky knit. 
Also, Harry Potter is always a perfect watch for fall! All those magical adventures, taken during the school year make you want to load your bag with books and go study all over again.

6. Favorite fall book

Harry Potter. For he same reasons I love watching the films. But the books are even more special and magical to me. They bring me stright back to my childhood and give me this happy giddy feeling inside. Like the world is full of magic, opportunities, and any dream can come true.

7. Apple pie or baked apples?

Definitely an apple pie! So much so that I've already backed it 3 times this September (and even featured a "cook with me" on Instagram stories). And I don't like baked apples, so here you go.

8. Favorite fall rituals

Walking in the park and just silently admiring the beauty of the nature. Throwing leaves in the air like confetti. Going for a picninc with a warm blanket and a thermos of hot tea. Hugging to keep warm. Collecting leaves and using them in my journals. Drinking tea and watching the rain.

9. Chunky knit or a blanket?

A super chunky and soft knit that almost feels like a blanket, but is socially appropriate to wear outside.

10. Favorite fall smell

That would have to be the smell of a chilly autumn morning when it's fresh and spicy from all the fallen leaves.

11. Favorite fall breakfast

I am sadly not too adventurous in a breakfast department. So, my usual oatmeal with fruit or pancakes with sour cream and jam  if I don't feel too lazy to actually make them.

12. Fall mountains or sea?

This year I went to the mountains for the first time, and it was amazing! I would definitely go back for more magnificent views and this new sense of freedom you only get in the mountains.

13. Go to the movie or stay home and read?

The thought of coming out of the warm movie theatre and into the dark, cold, possibly wet street doesn't make me happy. So I would rather wrap myself into a blanket burrito and read the night away like I used to do in my childhood.

14. 5 favorite things to do in fall

  • walk in the park
  • watch romantic movies at home
  • warm my hands with a cup of hot black tea with lemon, while reading a good book
  • have meaningful conversations
  • journal

I hope you enjoyed reading these! I would love for you to share with me your take on fall tag in the comments down below.

See you soon,