I am excited to share this post about the first art journal collab I have ever done! It started back in 2016, after I joined Get Messy in autumn. Lucia wrote me a message, asking if I wanted to do a collaboration with her. Of course, I said yes! We chose two themes - Flowers and Black&White.

It took us a long time to complete these journals, but they are finally back with their owners and I'd like to share the first one - the Flower Journal collab.

I made the base of the journal. The front cover was made with watercolors through stencils. Lucia decided to leave it like that.

Left page is Lucia's, right is mine.  I love how Lucia played off my quite springy page and added the opposite, cold image on the left! October and April!

This is one of my favorite pages in the journal! I placed a black and white cactus on the page, and Lucia added the rest. I am in love with that drawing of a girl with flowers! <3 

I created the left page and Lucia added to it on the right + bright orange splatters. I love how the frashen up the black and white spread!

Lucia's double spread that I am in love with! The flower doodles add such a personal touch!

My double spread which was fun to make with botanical book cut-outs and some hands from a fashion magazine.

Lucia made the back cover. Love how busy and bright it is in comparison to the front cover.

If you want to check Lucia's flower Journal, visit her Instagram