Week 2 of Get Messy Season of Art 101 was all about textures. After reading a beautiful tutorial from Riet I was determined to finally try and play  with fabrics and gesso in my journa.


P.S. This is how my table usually looks like. From 2-4 open art journals I work in at the sae time. Keeps my creative juices flowin and I don't get bored while waiting for the paint to dry,

gesso, dry leaves, fabric, masking tape, acrylics, bubble wrap (used as stamp), watercolors

I have been working on this spread for about 3 days adding more and more layers as I went.

This page on the left has many layers to it. I have wanted to try using fabric i  my journals for a long time, so I finally did. I wouldn't say it was an easy page to make. In a sense that I always seem not satisfied with how it looked. I'm still not thrilled about it. But in Season of Art 101 I take my journal as my playground and try not to worry about liking every single page I make. This time it's about discovery. For example, making this page I discovered that I like how acrylic dry brush strokes look on my pages.

acrylic, gesso, dry grass and bubble wrap as stamps

Page on the right is all about experimenting with acrylics and stamping. I used dry grass to stamp and it wasn't the most clean experience (hense, paint all over my table, hands, and sleeves), but I like how it turned out.

acrylics, watercolors, dry leaf (as a stamp), gold acrylic ink, acetate

On this page I tried creating visual texture by layering paints and ink. Also, I stamped a dry leaf with acrylic paint for that natural imprint. Today in the morning I thought why not add tactile texture on top with some lightweight "crystals"? And so I made my "crystals" out of clear acetate. I love how they shine in the light!


What are some of your preferred ways to add texture to the page?






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