This week at Get Messy Art Journal was about Acrylics 101. I love working with acrylics. The selection of colors different brands offer is insane. They are opaque, often have matte finish, and you can layer them endless amount of times. Misty  gave me so much practical knowledge in her Acrylic blog post that it made me dive into the world of acrylics even deeper!

I wouldn't say I am 100% satisfied with how my how my pages look this week. In fact, it's the opposite. I often found myself losing my creative mojo and had to pick myself up and push through. However, in this Season of Art 101 I am letting go of perfection and just focusing on the process. 

I liked this first prompt where we had to mix and name our own colors. It's not something I would usually do. I like the simplicity of using colors as they come from the tubes. I am always worried that I will not mix enough for what I intend to use this color for and will not be able to mix the right shade again. But now I might re-think my attitude to mixing colors, it's so fun!

The next page was created after reading through an amazing tutorial by Pam Garrison. I LOVE the layered look, but rarely have the guts to actually try it in my work. I would make this one different if I tried it again. But the process of creating this page made me learn to not fall in love with my layers too much. I want to implement that more in my future work.

The quote on the right page was just me not knowing what to do with that black page. I wasn't sure acrylics would work on it.

When I was watching Katie's beautiful acrylic background tutorial, was regretting putting those black pages into my journal so much. I thought I wouldn't be able to receive as beautiful results on black paper. I didn't want to skip the pages either, so I just went with it. And, boy was I surprised by how the acrylic marbling technique turned out on my black spread! I love it! I must have forgotten how opaque the paint can be, especially when you mix the colors!


Now, we are in week 4 where we'll be discovering the magic powers of lines and felt tips! Yay!







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