This week at Get Messy Art Journal was all about lines. Expressive lines. Meaningful lines. And also felt tips. I must be honest, I didn't use any felt tips for this week's pages, but I certainly had fun with paint, pens, and inks.

This is the page I created for the prompt which asked to draw our current state using lines. I feel like my life is a little bit of a chaos right now. So that's why I used many dashes and swirls to represent that. But I have hope, and that what those white rays around the picture are for (I took the idea from awesome Jules and her felt tip tutorial). Also, I've used my own photo for the first time in my journal. It certainly gives a more personal touch to the page. I might do that again. 

This page was a bit of an impulse creation. I read the tutorial by lovely Jennifer and just had to try connected lettering immediately. I am not a big fan of sketching out with the pencil first, and then going back with the pen. It, of course, result in all sorts of mistakes and crooked lines. But I don't care that much. So, I wrote "such a mess" again and again on top of watercolor background and then used my acrylics to put random marks and flowers on top. The lettering made for an awesome peekaboo layer. I love it! I think I am really getting into layered pages these days.


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