My first ever season of Get Messy Art Journal has started and I couldn't be more excited! It's week 1 of Season of Dreams and I'll be honest and put it out there - I'm struggling. Just because dreams is such an elusive topic and I haven't had the most vivid or happy dreams lately. But I always say: if you can't work for the prompt, make the prompt work for you.


So, that's what I've been doing this week. I was interpreting the feelings and emotions I had after waking up in the morning, rather than actual dreams. It has worked fine for me and I felt really creative most of the time. So, I guess, it's a win then! :)

collage, gesso, pastel chalk, acrylic, stickers, white gel pen


This was the first page I created for the Season of Dreams. It was made to represent my idea of dreams in general. To me, they are a whole new world within you. Every night when you have a dream, you only so slightly open the mystical curtain. Good and bad, happy and scary, the dreams then pour out into your world. For one night the two worlds become one and you no longer know which one is real...

collage, stencil, acrylic, stamping


Not my favorite page, but I think it's important to share good and bad pages. I have created this background with acrylics and stenciling a while ago, but never finished the page. So I decided to go back to it and make a little collage on top. Again, it has no center piece and is created of mutliple scraps and paint strokes, just like my dreams are.

collage, gesso


This is exactly what I said about creating pages based on the feelings I get after waking up. So. Confused. The entire background was created out of random scraps of paper to represent the mess my dreams are. After, I covered it with a layer of gesso to show the blur those dreams become in the morning.

watercolor, acrylic, white gel pen


This page was inspired by @littlemagicalart on Instagram and her video on tracing hand shapes. Totally brought back the childhood memories!


collage, gesso, watercolor, black pen


That night i finally had somewhat defined dream of the ocean, sea shells, and tattooed girls. lol I decided to try my hand at more literal representation of the dream. I think I like abstract more.


Well, that's it for Week 1 of #seasonofdreams! Hope you enjoyed! Can't wait to see what week two brings to my creative journey.

See you soon!