Week 2 of Season of Dreams was about experimenting for me. I decided to move out of my comfort zone a little. I am not happy with 2 of these pages, but it's also a part of learning process for me, I guess.

Here's a little brainstorming challenge for you: what would you change about these pages if you got them on your craft table? :) Leave your suggestions in the comment section!

watercolor, black marker, black pen


I created this page following Vanessa's tutorial on Get Messy blog. I adore the idea of it, but don't really like the outcome in my case. The watercolors don't look as vibrant as I hoped them too. But the problem is most definitely in my journal's paper - it's not suited for watercolors. The happier doodles were made on a watercolor paper and you can notice the difference in the paint color payoff. These also serve as hidden journaling spots.

acrylic, collage, black pen


This one I started just creating a background by mixing red and brown acrylic paints. I did it without any specific idea in my head. That's how I often start my art journal pages when I don't feel particularly inspired by anything. The background then served as a starting point for developing a page. It made me think of Mars, fire, danger, fighting, struggle to fullfill your dreams, and the hard way to success. So I found an image of the girl in a magazine and printed a picture of Mars to create a collage. 
I kind of regret not going with a different quote on this spread though. Now that I look at it I think "If your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough" would have suited it better.


magazine page, acrylic, white pen


This is a quick page I made in between working hours. I love tearing out the entire magazine pages and working on top of them. It easy and fast, because you have most of the work already done for you. Add a couple of paint splashes, some journaling, and you are done!


Hope you enjoy me sharing my process and thoughts on each page! :)

Thank you for stopping by. I will see you soon!