This week I really went for minimalism. I've been getting the urge to try something new and creating graphic minimal pages was it. Not gonna lie, I am pretty happy with this week's spreads, unlike last week. So we'll see where this path leads me in the future. 

acrylic, collage, white pen


This page was born out of my love for both reading and doodling. I was thinking how much reading sometimes feels like dreaming. You have this out of body experience and live a completely different life for a few hours. Anything could happen, but you always hope for a happy ending.

collage, alpha stamps, black marker, silver gel pen


This yellow printed face was sitting on my table for the longest time, just staring at me. But I could fir it on any of may pages, it just didn't feel right. So, this is where my idea of trying to create a minimalist collage came. I don't know why, but any time I go for minimal look I end up with light vs. dark page lol Anyway, this spread was about that feeling I sometimes get after I wake up - like I don't even know myself and what's real.

collage, alpha stamps


After creating the previous page I really wanted to try collage again. So a few days later I did my #5minutesofcollage and really threw together all the scraps that were cluttering my table. I also found the dictionary definition of daydream, printed it and glued on the page as a reminder.

This page for me is all about the bitter-sweet reality of daydreaming.


So, what do you think of my collage skills, guys? Any advice? :)

Thank you for stopping by. Share your links and ideas in the comments. See you soon!