Week 4 was about dreamscape and stories for me. Throughout this season I was more mindful about my dreams. I've started noticing the pattern of darkness and worry that reoccure in my dreams almost every night and I want to change that. But every change starts in your mind, doesn't it?

acrylic, collage, plastic packaging


This page was exacly about that - creating my perfect dreamscape. Light and airy, magical and happy.

acrylic, collage, tissue paper, white gel pen and marker


I guess, another page on how I want to see the light even in the darkest dreams.


collage, gesso, black marker


A very simple, #5minutesofcollage kind of page with a beautiful poem named "Dram Keeper" by Langton Hughes. Again, I tried to use lighter and brighter colors on this page to keep up with the topic of changing my dreamscape for the better. Also, poetry helps telling the story like nothing else.

acrylic, watercolors, collage, silver gel pen


This is a late night page that was inspired by this short poem I randomly found in Google and couldn't look back. I struggled paiting the Moon and used both watercolor and acrylic for that. I wasn't happy with it first, but I kind of start digging it. :))


I hope you had a creative week 4! Thank you for stopping by!

See you soon.