Hi guys! Phew, it was been a busy week! Hence, I only have 3 pages to share today, because my brain was preoccupied with tons of other things and I wasn't creatively productive. 

collage, watercolor, gold sharpie


I had these fun pictures of children lying around for the longest time, waiting to be used on a suitable page. This week I finally felt like using them would be appropriate. We were promted to art about our childhood dreams. And to me childhood is such a magical time! Everything seems possible and imagination has no boundaries. Pure bliss!

collage, watercolor, gold sharpie


I've decided to use Essie's (@essie.ruth) advice to make my own color paper by using paint leftovers. So last time while creating another page I just swirled the paint brush on a white piece of paper and had them sitting in my drawer, waiting for the right time. They looked appropriate (like some kind of bubbles) on this happy childhood dreams related page. I listed all things I dream about. Simple, but truthful.

acrylic, watercolor, burning page, white marker (just because I ran out of ink in my white gel pen)


I know, I know. Quite a contrast comparing to other two pages I created this week. But first of all, I wanted to try Katie's (@katiebug92) tutorial on double exposure. Secondly, I wanted to try burning a page for the longest time. It's a really unpredictable technique I must say. I wanted to burn a hole in the middle of the page, but instead I burned almost half of it. lol Had to glue two pages together afterwards. But this dark page is more representative of what my night dreams would feel like. Not quite nightmares, just tense and uneasy.
I hope for week 6 I will be able to have more time for my creativity!
Thanks for reading!

See you soon,