This week I feel amost ashamed, because I've only created 2 pages. lol But I have a good excuse, I promise! I've been busy working on 2 collaborative journals with 2 lovely ladies from the Get Messy community. So I poured 80% of my time and creativity into those. :)


Now, let's  see what I managed to create with the remaining 20%.

collage, watercolor


This extremely simple page was my take on abstract tutorial from Katie. I have previously cut the face of this girl out, so I basically had her scalp hehe. I used it as a frame for my head and filled it with all the colors and swirls to represent the mess, constant movement, and ideas that exist within my mind.

text highlighters, black market, collage


When I read in the prompt the task to "diagnose yourself," I couldn't stop thinking about the cliche phrase associated with psychologists: "Do you want to talk about it." So I just had to art it out. :) This page is heavily inspired by Jules' art.


And just like this, the Season of Dreams is over. I can't believe I have officially completed my first ever season of Get Messy! I am really proud of myself for creating consistently, even through the lack of inspiration and time. I feel that in these moments the growth is the most fundamental. 


So, now that we are in 2 week hiatus, I think I am going to work through some prompts from the previous seasons. What are your plans for the in-between seasons break?