I'll be honest here and tell you that this Christmas season got the better of me in terms of creating. So, we are 2 weeks into a new Get Messy season and I have only created 3 pages. I wanted to made sure I make at least 1 page a week and so far I stick to the plan.


So, the Season of Gifts turned out to be even more exciting and eye opening than I expected. It lets me look deeper and dig deeper into my secret feelings and  reminds me to be greatful for all the gifts in life I have. Beacause it's so easy to forget to be grateful and take them for granted.

black paper, white gel pen and paint marker, gold and white acrylic


Admitting my ntural gifts has never been easy for me. So I had to dig really deep and allow myself a moment of self praise (which we should have more often in all honesty) to make this page. It is about my gift of vision. The beautiful quote is by Anais Nin.

watercolor, gesso, black acrylic, alphabet tamps


This page came easy to me. I just kept the symbol of the eye from the previous page and gave it a different spin. The first layer was all watercolor, but I felt it was a tad too bright, so I toned it down with gesso. I love how thee colors peek through the white.

collage, acrylic, quote by Anais Nin


I really wanted to try paint drips that TanyaLee (@drawingboardau) uses in her work a lot. So I did.  I don't have inks for making beautiful splatters. So I just watered down some crylic paint. And pretty much failed miserably. lol Let's just say my table now has a thin layer of gold paint on top of it. And so did my hands at the moment. Too much water, Sasha. Too much water.


I hope week 3 is more productive and I won't stop at 1 page.

Thank you for stopping by!

Big hugs,