The weeks of Christmas and New Year craze allowed me to complete only 3 pages: two on week 3 and one on week 4, right before the New Years. But I am happy that I've  managed to still be creative, sit down  and get messy.


This saying has been sitting in my had for many years now. I think I've heard it in some film and it got stuck in my mind. I've been calling to it in situations when I felt I wasn't grateful or accepting enough. So, it's a good one. 

To create this page I just glued whichever scraps of paper I had scattered across my table (and bed, to be honest), wrote the quote on white paper (I love using the left overs from my printing paper for this) and cut it out. The magazine page with the girl was cut up, so I decided to draw the missing parts. I quite like the effect.

collage, copper acrylic

I was inspired to create this page after seeing a cut up and then glued together image on pinterest. I thought it was an interesting concept and wanted to try my hand at it. Although, I've aready received cooments of people asking me if I've just drawn the white lines across the image... ;)) I guess, I should have done the gluing part more messy and uneven.

gold acrylic, black watercolor, collage

This one is the last page created in 2016. It was made in the midst of all the present wrapping and reflecting on holiday season. I am definitely a giver. Of course, I love receiving gifts too. But giving a present and seeing somebody's face ligh up is priceless.


I know it's a little bit late, but I wish you all Happy New Year! I hope 2017 is the kindest, most creative and inspiring year of your life to date! ;)