You, guys! I am so excited to be typing up this blog post! My friend, Get Messy Creative Team teammate, and all-round magical human, Jules, has created her own class - Pen + Ink, Grown Up Art with Your Childhood Supplies. That description is so on point, I can't even tell you! You only need the most limited amount of supplies for this course, but the fun you are going to have (that I can promise!) is immense! Here, let me show you just how much FUN I had.

Jules' style is unique. It's a combination of structured lines, expressive shapes, dreamy ink splatters and bright, unapologetic colors. This is exactly what this class is about - expressing yourself through color and shapes. I never new I could feel so comfortable using so many bright colors within one art journal spread! Pen+Ink called to my inner child and I had this silly smile on my face all day long yesterday, when I was just doodling my heart away, coloring in the shapes, spritzing water around and mixing colors. :)

You know what I loved most about it? How little you need to get started. Felt tips, inks, and water are the only supplies Jules' uses throughout the class.  Now, I don't own any inks, but boy did I have fun with my felt tips set! I bought it about half a year ago and only used it a few times. Now, I can see so many new cool ways to incorporate them in my art journaling! I especially love mixing the colors together. It's so satisfying! 

I even took my art journal ad a pack of felt tips outside to create some art, while I had a picnic by the river! Art journaling outside always gave me headaches - what do I bring with me? How do I carry all these bulky, spill-prone art supplies with me? Who knew I could just take a set of felt tips and be all set for hours of fun?! :) This makes Pen+Ink a perfect summer class to take on vacation with you. The lessons are short and to the point, the supplies are simple, the results are colorful and summer-perfect! I am seriously thinking of bringing a few felt tips on vacation with me! 

I have been sharing a lot of my experiments with this class in my Instagram stories, so, make sure to stop by and see the felt tip magic in action! ;) 


Do you think you could take up the challenge of creating art with the limited amount of supplies? Share in the comments!