February 1st marked the first day of new Get Messy Season of Art 101Monday, February 6th we are getting our first prompt and I couldn't be more excited!


This is my first season as  apart of Get Messy Creative Team. And I wanted to try something new - using a separate journal for this season. Since it's Season of Art 101 and we are meant to go to the basics, I decided to make my own journals from papers I already had. I added a few flaps and a pocket to challenge myself a little bit. I will show you how I made this journal. It's pretty simple!

These are the papers I found in my stash. Some random printer paper, black paper, pre-painted watercolor backgrounds on printer paper, and 2 pieces of watercolor paper.

I went pretty simple and just folded all the papers in half. It makes for a nice A5-ish size journal.

I usually sew my journals together by simple 3 hole pamphlet stitch (click on this link if you want to learn this simple sewing technique). I don't own any special tools for book binding. So I make holes with sharp thin nail scissors and sew  paper together by a regular needle and thread you can find at home. I always make sure to use double thread to make the stitching sturdier.

I used watercolor paper for a cover, so I wanted to play with my watercolors. I chose Quinacridone Magenta and Indigo for making washes of color.

For accents I used acrylic paint in color Silver Gold and used my fingers to spread it over blank parts of the cover.

I wasn't going for a fancy look. So any flaps I added, I used random scraps of paper that I found on my table and masking tape to attach them.

I really wanted something special for the title, but couldn't find anything I was happy with. So I just doodled the name of the season with Staedtler pen and embraced imperfection.

I am really excited to be able to complete the whole journal within one season. I am planning to try all the tutorials, so my journal has 21 pages (including the inner parts of the cover) for me to have enough space for experimenting with different mediums. Let's see what happens!





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