Best things in life are free. Right? Right!


For people who are into art journaling or journaling in general the question of getting new ephemera to play with is always current. Buying a new gorgeously designed pack is always an option. Thank God we have planty of those accessible at any day of the year. But what about if you are on a budget or want something exclusive for your page?


Recently my answer has been - find it in shops' promotional brochures for free! I happen to currently reside in Poland. This is a new country for me, so browsing and discovering the wide ocean of free emphemera possibilities has been a lot of fun. These are only a few examples of weekly brochures every grocery/book/stationery (you name it) shop produces and distributes for free.

These feet in red sneakers were cut out of the grocery shop weekly brochure. The beginning of the school year was coming, so they dedicated a lot of their pages to kids fashion and school supplies. When you look at this image with no intention of using it in your journal it looks ordinary. But it actually is a great piece of ephemera for art journaling and creating some abstract pages. Here you can see the example of how I used this cut out print in my getmessy art journal. I painted the left page with black acrylic and created some space themed doodles with my white gel pen. I made it look like the feet are actually standing on top of these stars and planets. On the right page I scribbled "You are the galaxy", because I believe that every person has an entire Universe inside. Some people said that this page looked like a chalkboard... which is fair enough as well. :)

And oh, clearly once was not enough, so I went back to the store and took another brochure just to have these feet again. lol

So, here you have it. A free and easy way to have some variety in your journaling ephemera. Hope you enjoyed it! If you find any cool images in free brochures, make sure to tag me on Instagram @sasha_zeen ! I'd love to see your discoveries.

Thanks for stoppping by!
See you soon.